Episode #15 ft. Mary Anne Hobbs (4/24/11)

Last night’s episode of Where Were U in 02 was a special one. I had the one-and-only Ms. Mary Anne Hobbs come through the station to chat with me. I really want to stress how unbelievable it is that Ms. Hobbs came by, for she is definitely on the top 5 “most famous people to come to the radio station” category.

I contacted her publicist about a month before out of a longshot, and they showed interest in coming through. Over the next couple of weeks, the were all grew really excited to come through and talk. Thank you to Sara and, of course, Ms. Hobbs for coming through and having a sit-down!

I tried my best to talk about things that mattered and avoiding stock questions like “Favorite thing to do on tour?”-type questions. Though, the weather seems to be a topic I cannot avoid. Need to work on that. But, we spoke about her Dj-ing philosophy, college radio, UK’s recent tuition protests and her return to radio. It was a great chat and I hope she comes back!

Also, not sure if you did anything this weekend in Miami. But ff you didn’t, you really missed out on some really great live dubstep shows/sets.

Friday night, Mary Anne Hobbs passed by Miami with Lorn & Gonjasufi to perform at the Vagabond. Maybe it was the buzz I had going throughout the night, or if it was Mary Anne Hobbs’ selection, but she had me dancing all night. This is odd because I never really dance at dubstep shows because the tunes lean more on head-bobbs than hip-work. Her set was equal parts aggressive and ominous, pushing both new, forward-leaning tracks with old DMZ-era dubstep tunes that brought the sound in full-circle.

She said something really interesting in my interview with her and that’s that DJs have a responsibility to people’s bodies. If you’re not moving people, then you’re not doing your job. She did that, with a commitment to the artists she championed and the stuff that feels familiar. She’s also so cute when she starts fake-shooting people during her set– it makes you freak. She is an amazing live DJ and is completely worthy of her title as a dubstep historian.

The Ramadanman/Zed Bias show on Saturday was great, too. Outspoken supporter and one of the first guests on my show ever, Dave Betamax, played a fun set, fusing booty tracks to his more prominent dub/bass vibe he had going on. I feel like booty tracks are tunes Miami-natives will never tire of, and could easily become our city’s go-to anthems at any venue.

Ram’s set was good, but some of it fell flat to be honest. Some of the tracks he played were a little too minimal for the club and more fit for like a Boiler Room set. But when he played tunes that fit the club context, he was treading acid/ghetto/chicago house waters.

Zed Bias/Maddslinky was the man of the night. Though, I felt like he confused a lot of people. Going from the really deep, aggressive tone Dave set up, transitioning to Zed’s dark garage and 00′-era dubstep confused a lot of those melt-my-face dubstep heads. But, guys: this is the stuff that Skream and Benga derive from. Dude is arguably responsible for creating the sound.

Either way, he was amazing and after all the head-scratching ended, people started moving and raving. Zed had full control of people’s bodies and he showed an unphazed, preternatural calm. And at the end, he played some really bassy 140-bpm tunes that got the freak-out bass dudes doing head bobs and arm skanks.

But anyway, below is my show’s playlist. I went a bit over 2 hours this time because I was just really getting into the groove and there aren’t any shows scheduled after mine. Cheers!

Download: 128 kbps
Mary Anne Hobbs Interview: Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

  • Zed Bias – Show Some Appreciation
  • Kode9 – Love is the Drug ft. Cha Cha
  • Hard House Banton – Reign
  • Club Cheval – Barbie Weed
  • Drop the Lime – Mandeer Haunted
  • Zombies For Money – Sururumba (Caribe Version)
  • Roulet – Kitamanda (J Wow Remix)
  • Toasty – Lickable
  • Peverelist – Dance Until The Police Come
  • Bart B More – Romane
  • Dubbel Dutch – Fem Pressure
  • Drop The Lime – Hold On
  • Addison Groove – Make Em Bounce
  • Maurice Donovan – Babeh
  • -Mary Anne Hobbs Interview-
  • Starkey – Playing With Fire
  • Katy B – Katy on a Mission
  • Roulet – Kitamanda (Girl Unit Remix)
  • Bart B More – Romane (Para One Remix)
  • Modeselektor – Art & Cash (Roska Remix)
  • C.R.S.T. – Inside
  • Toddla T ft. Wayne Marshall – Sky Surfing (DJ Q Remix)
  • Drop The Lime – Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)
  • CanBlaster – Clockwork
  • HeavyFeet & Serocee – Parking Meter (Edu K Remix)
  • Hard House Banton – Sirens
  • Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
  • Nguzunguzu – Mirage (Girl Unit Remix)
  • Teki Latex – Dinosaurs With Guns
  • Club Cheval – Rwali
  • Brandy & Monica – The Boy Is Mine (Garage Remix)
  • Julio Bashmore – Batty Knee Dance
  • French Fries & Chaos in the CBD – With You
  • George Fitzgerald – Don’t You
  • Jacques Greene – Another Girl (Machinedrum Mix)
  • Joy Orbison – Wade In
  • Bizarre Inc. – Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)
  • Mark Krupp – Badman In Chicago (Can’t Stop Playing This Re-hash)
  • DJ MikeQ – The Ha Dance 2010
  • Kingdom – Stadium Pass
  • XXXY – You Always Start It
  • C.R.S.T. – Jam For You
  • Bambounou – Highgyptian
  • Starkey – PC
  • Moves!!! – All Skate
  • Spooky – Spartan Remix ft. Marger, Merky Ace, Rival, Ego & Scrufizzer
  • Maxwell D – Funky w/ Bars (Champion Instrumental)
  • Ciara – Ride
  • HeavyFeet & Serocee – Parking Meter (Club Mix)
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