Mary Anne Hobbs on this Sunday’s episode!

Tune in this Sunday for a special episode of Where Were U in 02, where Mary Anne Hobbs will stop by to talk to me for a bit.

Make sure to tune in for that!

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One Response to Mary Anne Hobbs on this Sunday’s episode!

  1. cozmic dave says:

    Hi Mary,

    Nice to see you’re doing so well. You may remember me from when you were working a bar in a hotel near Lancaster. I was staying as a guest whilst on tour with U2 – the war tour in 1982/83.

    At that time you were asking for my advice on how to get into the music industry, which I gave you sound advice. I am so pleased that you followed it and WOW! – look at you now!

    I think the last time we spoke was in the late ’90’s and you and I were in California. We never did manage to meet up, but I do hope we will at some point.

    My son is a dee jay also. He’s doing very well and plays big clubs in the Midlands and Ibiza. He has asked me to pass on his link

    Sounds by DJ Tinee Dee

    Please give his tunes a listen. I know it would make his day if you could reply with any comments especially if you have good advice to help him to further his career as a successful dee jay.

    In the meantime, I wish you all the very best,
    Take care and enjoy!

    lxxx Dave

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