Helicar & Lewis Podcast with Bok Bok

A couple of days back, Bok Bok sat down with radio personalities Helicar & Lewis of London Fields Radio, which is a pretty neat station that broadcasts material from a coffee shop (Wilton Way Cafe) in London Fields.

The show has the two and Bok Bok just chatting about the Night Slugs input and Bok Bok’s creative drive, as well as influences. Pretty good talking material and I understand that pirate radio culture is about playing the dubplates and forward-thinking output, but sometimes it’d be cool to take a Giles Peterson approach and both play/talk-about music. I get that we’re pushing dialogue through means of tunes and BPMs, but it’s nice to hear these dudes we really admire talk about their music and the stuff they’re into.

Bok Bok also mentions in the podcast that he was really into noise and name-dropped Black Dice as an influence, which makes me happy because I feel like BD is under-appreciated in every respect. BD’s got a lot of avant-dancefloor tunes that have a lot in common with the wave of stuff coming from the Night Slugs camp. Kudos for mentioning that, and I think I’m gonna include BD into sets.

You can listen to the podcast below.

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