Squelch & Clap/Tete de Tigre

I came across “Tete de Tigre” through a long search of track I.D.s and Soundclouds, specifically by Kidnap Kid who had a track of his played on Dusk and Blackdown‘s Rinse episode (which you should totally listen to because it’s BIG).  Forthcoming Kidnap Kid record will come out on a small little label called Squelch and Clap, based out of Sheffield.

Weird that there’s not much information about the label, which I think started off as a party, and I really feel weird writing about it without more information, but Tete de Tigre is from Belgium and crafted a pretty massive-sounding EP for S&C, “Pelican Bay”.

Taking in elements of Kuduro, house and funky, Tete de Tigre manufactures a pretty strict dancefloor vibe with loose tropical tinges. Expect more of him on the show and I also recommend checking out some Kidnap Kid’s tunes, which borderlines on that Numbers/Deadboy sound with the Damu/Nguzunguzu flex. Really big sound.

Download 320 kbps:
Tete de Tigre – Pelican Bay

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