Tonight at Bar (28 NE 14th ST), will be the first of many Moombahton nights to come titled Manda Bala! I’m gonna flat-out take credit for naming it that, by the way!

It’s definitely a brand of music that doesn’t get the exposure it should, here in Miami. Latin American/Portuguese rhythms with tinges of bass that, I feel, meets full-circle with the UK House/Bass music coming out right now. Stuff like Tribal Guarachero, Cumbia, Kuduro, Reggaetton proper, etc! Really relevant stuff and it’s ridiculously fun to dance and gunfinger to.

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3 Responses to

  1. gooddroid says:

    he definitely did name this party

  2. badman says:

    well, technically, manda bala is a brazillian flick and unless you’re playing some funk carioca or something, it doesn’t really make much sense now, does it???

  3. wwu02 says:

    @badman Hey. If you hover over the title Manda Bala it actually takes you to the trailer on youtube, which is obviously where I got the title from. And I did mention Portuguese rhythms up there, which if you wanna get technical isn’t necessarily Brazil, but when someone says Latin America, they’re including Brazil as well. Does it make sense now?

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