DJ MikeQ, Ballroom Beat, LGBT Bass Continuum







I might be a little late to DJ MikeQ, but this dude, along with guys like Vjuan Allure and DJ Angel X, would seem like producers of new groundbreaking dance music, but they’re essentially recalling an era of lgbt culture that has really never died: 80s drag ball house music. And, now more than ever, I feel that culture has been unearthing itself in those forward-leaning club bangers played all throughout the uk house/bass community.  Dudes like Kingdom and Zomby come to mind really.

And XLR8R, which I think pushes some really interesting  subject material especially on electronic music growth and diaspora, has an article on this whole “ballroom beat”, which seems to be the pen name of choice. Rooted within that drag ball culture, vogue fem is a term that comes to mind and I think that XLR8R really profiles the genre well.

It’s what I consider suggested reading so download this month’s issue HERE.

And check out MikeQ’s podcast at this link.

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